We Are Scientists – Review

Michael Rowlands

Quick vermouth at a random bar round the corner before going in, pricey and no lemon. I then head to the venue soured already, and descend into what seems to be the set of an 80’s B-movie Tron porn parody. The venue is kitted with blackened mirrors to help create the illusion of a busier venue; but this causes everyone to bump into each other and their own reflections, as everyone is dressed in hipster Primark chique. We Are Scientists arrive on stage, with a hasty and transparent advertisement for Estrella Galicia, each member sucking down a bottle, label clear. They then either play a full set of songs, or have multiple gaps between one long song as there’s no real noticeable difference in these classic indie tunes. The band fishes from the same shallow pond of lyrics that most indie bands are stationed at.  I’m sad, I’m drunk, I miss you. After a dozen songs, off they go to hide behind the curtain until their egos have been sufficiently rubbed by the audience’s applause, as all artists do. They return to the stage with the warm up act, Amor Germanio, who’ve been helping themselves to the free Estrella it seems. They then treat the audience to a cover of The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind, followed by their one hit wonder. The audience and band had mustered up some hidden energy, finally creating the atmosphere of a gig. Unfortunately, it only lasted those two songs.

A very mediocre gig, but Chris Cain addressed the audience in Spanish which the crowd seemed to appreciate.

Photography by Inés van Berkel.